Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Start by naming your post with your 16 Personality Type (Letter Code) – Rep your Code!! Then discuss the following: What are 1 or 2 strengths that you found interesting in your pers - Writingforyou

Start by naming your post with your 16 Personality Type  (Letter Code) – Rep your Code!! Then discuss the following: What  are 1 or 2 strengths that you found interesting in your pers

Start by naming your post with your 16 Personality Type  (Letter Code) – Rep your Code!!

Then discuss the following:

What  are 1 or 2 strengths that you found interesting in your personality  profile?  How might those traits lend themselves to your career of  interest?

What  challenges or "blindspots" resonated with you?  Do you have a sense of  where this may have come from for you?  How might this characteristic  impact your interactions with others?  What might you be able to do in  order to work on it?

Which  career option in your compatibility list surprised you the most?  Can  you imagine why it might fit you, even if you don't particularly have an  interest in it?  What characteristics of this profession may draw on  your strengths? (Really THINK about what the day to day experience of  this profession might actually entail)

Just  for reflection, take a look at the pesonality types sheet.  Which of  the other personality types do you find most intriguing or "triggering"  for you? Why?

Please respond with an answer of 500-750 words, then respond to the post of at least 2 of your peers.  In your responses, try to find at least one peer with a shared letter code, and one with a different letter code.

that is the link of the personality test i took. pls answer based on the results 

and use the below pdf to know that to write 

16 Personalities

Report Questionnaire

1. (a) According to this report, what is your personality type (the four-letter code)?


2. (a) Which of the characteristics given for your personality type do you agree describes you well? (b) Which, if any, do you disagree with?

· I agree with all the resulted given personality types, especially introverted and prospecting.

3. (a) Which of the strengths and weaknesses/challenges listed in your profile do you believe are most applicable to you?

· The most applicable strengths I believe are generous, open-minded, and creative. From the weaknesses section, I agree with self-critical, because I have always struggled with blaming myself for failing to live up to my own expectations, for which there were even times when I just gave up on things I have been working on. Because deep inside, I just felt maybe I am not suitable for that job.

4. (a) Based on your results and profile, what kind of future work environment do you consider most important for you to enjoy the career that you choose (e.g., types of activities, collaborative vs. independent, people you will work for or with, etc.)? (b) Any other unlisted factors that are important in your decision making?

· A) Based on the results, I would consider an environment where everyone feels valued and is encouraged to share their opinions and ideas. I would be collaborative, and supportive to the employees.

· B) Unlisted factors that are important would be past experiences, like learning from the mistake and improvise.

5. Do you believe Communication Style is important for the career domain that you hope to enter? How so? How might you improve in this area?

· I do believe that communication style is important for the career do main I hope to enter, which is to be a healthcare profession. In order to help people, its essential to communicate better and connect.

6. Working well with others can often be a challenge. How do your strengths, weaknesses, and “triggers” when interacting with others relate to your ultimate personal and professional goals?

· My strengths, weaknesses, and “triggers” contributes to effective communication, empathy, and the building of positive relationships with patients and collogues. Recognizing and addressing shortcomings are the important steps when interacting with others.

7. (a) Of the careers/majors listed that best fit your personality profile, list at least three that you find most appealing. Why?

· The three most appealing ones are counseling, healthcare, and psychology. It’s because I have always wanted to work in the healthcare field and that’s my goal.

8. Are there any interesting careers listed for you that you had not previously considered? Why do you think this was previously not an option for you?

· Careers like composer and choreographers were not previously considered because I never really connected to that. The main reason could be societal expectations. In my culture, there is a strong emphasis on pursuing traditional career paths that are deemed more stable or financially secure. As a result, artistic pursuits like dancing and composing are mostly undervalued.

9. List any other majors or careers you are considering that do are NOT listed in your report.

· Maybe an anthropologist because it gives us the tools to examine and explain human behavior, understand how society functions, learn from the past and apply those lessons to the present.

10. (a) To what extent did this assessment about your personality type and the matching types of careers/majors that would work best for you help you in thinking about your career planning moving forward? (b) How accurate do you feel the report was for you?

· This assessment helped me to a great extend because the questionnaire helped me know about my personality traits more, and the career path I could choose depending on the results. The report was totally accurate for me because I was familiar with some of my traits and knew that I would be highly content to work in the healthcare field where I can simply help others.