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Describe a lesson you experienced as a K-12 student. Connect the lesson to what you learned about pedagogy this week. What could the instructor have done to im

  Please answer each question in complete full  paragraph. Do not repeat the questions. All answers should be followed by a reference  


Describe a lesson you experienced as a K-12 student.  Connect the lesson to what you learned about pedagogy this week.  What could the instructor have done to improve the lesson based on what you have learned?  What did the instructor do well?


what is family life education and why do you feel it's important to today's American families? Please be sure to give an example that clarifies your position (Part 1). After writing part 1, view the following video below and answer the question once again, what is family life education and why do you feel it's important to today's American families? (Part 2). Discuss what you learned after viewing the video. What new insight do you have in reviewing the comparisons and contrasts between Part 1 and Part 2? (Part 3).

*Each part can be limited to one paragraph.

Video:  An Overview of Family Life Education


discuss the pros and cons of defining family by structure, task, and transactional definitions.  Which definition do you prefer and why? Support your writing with information from the readings in addition to your opinion.


A newly certified CCLS is working in a 12 bed pediatric unit in a small inner city hospital. The CCLS is eager to be an advocate for children's health both on the unit and within the community. How should the CCLS begin to accomplish this goal?


As we look at ways to help reduce stress on children and families, there are many sources that will help. Review the information at "Talking with your children about stress," American Psychological Association (n.d.),

Which of these tips provided do you believe would be the most useful?  Why?

Expand your discussion by adding one more idea. Choose from one of the three topic searches below (there are many programs found within each topic area). You will need just one more topic idea, not one from each topic.

· Search topic- Resiliency Training

· Search topic- Coping skills

· Search topic- Stress management (including but not limited to exercise, nutrition, progressive muscle relaxation)


· Align your posting to the forum rubric and make sure you use APA format in your references and citations.

· Do not copy the question back into your reply.


American Psychological Association (n.d.) Talking with your children about stress. Retrieved from


Please read this article from the Hockey News and this academic paper by Lee, Park and Miller and later answer the questions given below:

· Compare and contrast Variable and Dynamic Pricing and let us know which you prefer and why.

· Discuss what is meant by the elasticity of tickets (in sports and beyond)

· Which teams now use Dynamic Pricing in the Big 5 (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS)?

· What is Paciolan (you will have to do a little searching in Google for this) and what can it be used for?


What makes death such a mystery?  


To explore demand, supply, and pricing decisions, let's imagine you are the owner and operator of a lemonade stand.

· What factors affect demand for your product?

· What factors affect supply of your product?

· What pricing strategies did you use to maximize your profits?

· How would you define a successful day for your lemonade stand, and what made it successful?

· Describe what an unsuccessful day might look like.


Discuss the role of ethics in managing both sustainability efforts and crisis situations.


Most employers tout being an "Equal Opportunity Employer." In America, we promote both multiculturalism and diversity, but may not fully understand the differences. While multiculturalism may be great when thinking about cuisine and festivals, present an argument that some cultural practices should not be embraced for America to maintain its identity. Also, does it not make more sense to recognize diversity and promote a "fair" opportunity rather than an equal one?

Q 11

Share your thoughts about how we create an online community.

· What key elements do you think supports our ability to build an effective learning community (CO7)?

· Share your ideas, perspectives and thoughts. How can we use this platform to evolve as learners?


Discuss why knowledge of research methods is valuable as a consumer of research. As well as, discuss what it means to be a consumer of scholarly research, as opposed to conducting actual research? 


What role do cultural and societal factors play in shaping perceptual biases?

How can we differentiate between genuine perceptions and biases when evaluating information or situations?

Are perceptual biases always detrimental, or can they sometimes be helpful in specific contexts?

What is corporate culture, and why is it important for the success of an organization?

Can you provide examples of companies with distinctive corporate cultures, and what impact have these cultures had on their performance and reputation?

How does a company's corporate culture affect employee morale, satisfaction, and retention?


Wagner discusses the general characteristics that distinguish the US healthcare system. Select two (2) of those characteristics that you believe are the most critical. Describe them, and identify how they impact the US healthcare system.


Emerson is three years old. She lives at home with her mother, father, and baby brother, Cody. Emerson loves the Disney princesses and the color pink. She also enjoys playing with baby dolls and loves giving them bottles, burping them, and taking them for rides in a toy shopping cart. Emerson is almost toilet trained and has a vocabulary of about 20 words or signs. Emerson is friendly and outgoing. She participates in morning meeting by clapping her hands to songs and imitating fingerplays. Emerson also has Down syndrome which was diagnosed at birth. She receives specialized services, including occupational therapy and speech/language pathology from her local school district. While Emerson enjoys playing with the other children, she has difficulty following 1-step directions and has limited pre-academic skills (i.e., color naming, counting to 5, naming shapes). She has difficulty understanding how to ask a friend to play and doesn’t really understand the concept of sharing toys. Discuss the following with your peers:

· Use NCFELD early learning guidelines/standards to see how Emerson’s skill levels compare to other three-year-olds. 

· Identify home and classroom experiences that might be used to support Emerson’s cognitive, language, and/or motor development within daily routines. 


To increase your ability to make use of children's interests, choose two topics you were interested in as a child. What were 2 things you wanted to know or wondered about each of these topics? Share your ideas in this discussion forum. For example: one of my classmates moved here from Mexico. I wanted to know where it was. It sounded like a big city with a lot of tall buildings.