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Choose three distinct but related business functions Write a 2-page paper describing how interfacing the information systems of these three functions can impro

Three-Part Assignment the PowerPoint is due on March 8 everything else is due by Fri. I have uploaded the directions to each assignment and no plagiarism. 


Assignment 1

Choose three distinct but related business functions (e.g., inventory control, purchasing, payroll, accounting, etc.).

Write a 2-page paper describing how interfacing the information systems of these three functions can improve an organization’s performance. Include the title and reference page (note part of the three-page requirement).

Assignment 2

Type the questions, then the answer. Make sure your answers are in complete thought and is substantive.

1. What is a supply chain? What is the purpose of supply chain management systems?

2. What is the purpose of cost accounting ISs?

3. What is the relationship between CAD and CAM systems?

4. What are the concerns in cash management, and how do cash management ISs help financial managers?

5. What is time to market? How have ISs affected time to market?

6. In brief, what is the purpose of customer relationship management systems?

7. What are the typical components of ERP systems?

8. Although technologically the full linking of the SCM systems of suppliers and buyers is feasible, many buyers are reluctant to do so. Why?

9. Why do the ERP installation and testing of systems require that experts be involved? Why does the implementation of so many ERP systems face severe challenges or totally fail?

10. What is EOQ? Which two problems do ISs that calculate EOQ help minimize?

11. What is JIT? How do MRP and MRP II systems help achieve JIT?

12. For the human resource managers of some organizations the entire web is a database of job candidates. How so?

13. What information technologies play a crucial role in marketing?

14. Many sales reps have no offices, yet they have access to huge resources, and their productivity is great. Explain how that is possible.

15. What is RFID, and what role does it play in SCM?

Assignment 3

Responses to Case Studies: Self-Theories

· Unit 5: Motivation

· Module 16: Self Theories

Early Childhood: The Worksheets

Elizabeth Garvey, a second-year teacher at Fitzgerald Elementary School, enjoys teaching kindergarten because the children are eager to learn new things and approach each new experience with excitement. As with any kindergarten class, it is typical for some students to have trouble adjusting to the structured, academic environment of elementary school. Mrs. Garvey tries to balance formal instruction with opportunities for social interaction and play. This year seems especially challenging, as she has a large class of 21 students with diverse backgrounds. Three students are English language learners, many students have had no preschool experience, and there are large disparities in readiness skills among the children.

After the morning meeting—during which Mrs. Garvey and the children go over the date, the day’s weather, the lunch count, and any special news or events—she begins a lesson on math concepts that includes a game of “Numbers I Spy.” After the group lesson, the children return to their seats to complete some worksheets. Mrs. Garvey gives them instructions to match digits on the left side of the page to sets of objects on the right side of the page. She shows them how to complete the first one, drawing a line from the number 5 to the five hats. “When you’re finished, use the color key at the bottom of the page to color the sets of objects,” Mrs. Garvey says, pointing to the bottom of the page.

As the children begin working, Mrs. Garvey walks around the room to check on their progress. She notices Melissa coloring instead of doing the worksheet. “Melissa, why haven’t you started your math sheet?” whispers Mrs. Garvey.

“I can’t do it,” replies Melissa, slouching in her chair.

“I know you can do it if you just try,” says Mrs. Garvey with a reassuring smile. Melissa tends to need a little extra coaxing and then ends up doing fine work. “I’ll come back and check on you.”

Melissa has been raised by her grandmother since she was a year old. From the age of 3, she has attended Head Start, a preschool program for economically disadvantaged children. Her academic skills are steadily improving, but she still lacks confidence in her abilities.

As Mrs. Garvey continues moving around the room, she notices Emanuel, Kristina, and Martin at the building center, playing with Legos. She approaches the children and says, “Now is not the time for building.”

“But we’re already done with our math sheets!” exclaims Martin. “I already know numbers and adding, so I don’t need to do baby worksheets. My mom says I’m smart at math.”

“Yes, I know you three are good at doing math,” Mrs. Garvey says. “Show me your worksheets so I can check to see if they are correct and neatly colored, and then you can play with the blocks while the others finish.”

Because Mrs. Garvey needs to follow the district’s curriculum, she often lets advanced students play while others finish their work. She’s not sure whether their playing affects other students’ motivation, though. She always has a few students who want to rush through their work so they can play as well.

Mrs. Garvey walks past the next table and says, “Nice work, Alannah and Mahiro!” She then stops at Kayvon and leans over his shoulder, saying, “The seven fish don’t go with that number, Kayvon. It’s this one. Count them with me.”

Tugging at her shirt is Claire. Claire is anxiously waiting for Mrs. Garvey to check her answers, as she does with all her work, even art projects. Claire never wants to get anything wrong.

“Mrs. Garvey, I’m done with the numbers. Are they all right? I want to color the pictures now,” says Claire. Mrs. Garvey glances at the sheet and gives her a nod. Everyone looks like they’re doing fine, she thinks as she goes back to check on Melissa and Kayvon.