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What are the ethical bargains of your organization? What has been the impact?

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Topic/current industry employed: global financial corporation/project management.

This is the starting point for your final project. You will consider a common behavioral challenge in your present or past organization. Using your present workplace is ideal for this project if possible.

Consider what you would change in this organization to make it more successful, make your life better, or make the organization work better.

Consider the facts, but do not provide solutions yet. Your existing bias may affect your solution. You might also examine a major ethical challenge from your management.

Below are some questions to consider as you work on the problem definition for your final project that will be submitted in Module Nine.

· What are the ethical bargains of your organization? What has been the impact?

· Who are the stakeholders? What are their values?

· What are some of the potential consequences or impacts of the change on the people involved?

· How would you lead this process of change? What organizational change principles would you apply to make certain that your organization welcomes the new change?

· Do the employees in your organization understand the relationship between ethics and leadership?

· What are the leadership styles and social challenges in your organization?

· How effective is your organization’s code of ethics?

· How does fear or inspiration drive decisions in your organization?

· How would you guide your organization toward an inspirational-based mentality that empowers?

· What are the ethical decision-making processes in your organization?

· How would an inclusive culture influence ethical choices?


You will write a paper that describes the existing situation in your organization in detail and discuss a behavioral challenge.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

· Describe the existing organizational situation within the organization.

· Identify a behavioral challenge in the organization.

What to Submit

This submission must be one page in length and must use double spacing, 12‐point Times New Roman font, and one‐inch margins. Sources should be cited according to APA style.