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Discuss your FOCUS-2 results/experience You completed the FOCUS-2 assessment and were assigned a three letter Holland code (based on John Holland’s six personality types and loc

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  • Part 1:  Discuss your FOCUS-2 results/experience
    You completed the FOCUS-2 assessment and were assigned a three letter Holland code (based on John Holland’s six personality types and located in your Work Interest Assessment). If you did not complete the FOCUS-2 in class, Complete the FOCUS-2 assessment. and watch this short video about the assessment. 
    • What was your three letter code, and what does this code say about you?
    • Do you agree or disagree with the three letter Holland code that you were assigned? Why or why not?
    • Choose three occupations that interest you the most. Use the information on the Focus-2 and O*NET ( to an external site.) to research each occupation. Thinking about the occupations you researched:
      • What would the typical day entail in this occupation?
      • What personal attributes based on your self-assessment results do you have that would be an asset to you if you were hired in this occupation?
      • What strengths would be needed to succeed in this occupation?
    • Part 2:  Discuss your experience exploring the majors in RCB
    • You previously attended a major information session through the Speaker Series and have access to the major information and videos on the Rohrer College of Business Undergraduate Programs website. Thinking about the major information session you attended along with the major information videos and your Focus-2 results, answer the following:
      • Does your choice of college major support the occupations generated by the Focus-2? If so, how? If not, what majors might align better with your career goals?
      • Based upon the major information session and/or videos, is there another major that interests you now that you did not previously consider?
      • What are some things you found interesting about the major information session and/or videos?
    • Part 3: Discuss how you will make yourself more marketable for your future career
      Explain what you can do to make yourself more marketable for the career you are interested in. For example, are there certifications that are helpful in your chosen career? Would a minor/double major be advantageous? Leadership experience? Consider what you can take advantage of/pursue while you are a student to put yourself in the best position to get an internship/full time job.
      Assignment Format:
    • Assignment should be double-spaced, typed in 12-point font and should be between 2-3 pages in length.
    • Margins are not to exceed 1 inch.

YOUR RESULTS  Additional Information

The first three work interest areas shown on the graph and described below are most important to you.



The Creators



The Helpers



The Doers

Your Work Interest Holland Code is:


Artistic: "The Creators"

· Prefer to be expressive and like the opportunity to create new things and be innovative.

· Typically do not like structure or conformity.

· Prefer to use their imagination and be creative.

· Enjoy activities such as: writing, poetry, photography, designing, singing, acting, dancing, painting, attending theaters and exhibits, and reading.

Social: "The Helpers"

· Prefer to work with others with the team approach to problem solving.

· Enjoy teaching, caring for others, volunteering, mediating disputes, meeting new people, and working in groups.

· Highly verbal, express themselves well, and get along well in groups.

· Describe themselves as cooperative, friendly, and understanding.

Realistic: "The Doers"

· Prefer to work with objects and things.

· Enjoy being physically active, repairing equipment, rebuilding cars, fixing electrical things, solving mechanical problems, playing sports, and working outdoors.

· Enjoy creating things with their hands and using tools and machines.

· May enjoy working with large, powerful machines like tractors. Prefer precision machinery such as X-ray or electronic equipment.

Enterprising: "The Persuaders"

· Enjoy selling and promoting, having power and status, giving talks and speeches, and leading groups.

· Enjoy influencing others and being in a leadership position.

· Often use their skills to influence others.

· Often enjoy discussing politics and competitive activities. Self-confident, talkative and energetic.

Conventional: "The Organizers"

· Prefer orderly, systematic work such as keeping records, and organizing written and numerical materials according to a plan.

· Like to see things run efficiently and smoothly.

· Pay attention to administrative details.

· Enjoy working with numbers, using a computer, keeping accurate records, and organizing.

Investigative: "The Thinkers"

· Have a strong desire to understand cause and effect and solve puzzles and problems.

· Often work in jobs that are scientific in nature. Their work often involves the analysis of data, using formulas, graphs and numbers.

· Enjoy using computers, solving math problems, interpreting formulas, and thinking abstractly.

· Prefer to work independently with minimum supervision.

YOUR RESULTS Additional Information

Your Personality Type

You approach work and life with a positive concern about people.

You like to work on projects with other people in a cooperative way.

You recognize and appreciate the potential in everyone, and want to help them reach their full potential.

You are flexible, spontaneous, and to keep your options open. You find it easy to adapt to changing situations.

You like to come up with new ideas and ways of doing things. You enjoy projects that explore new concepts about human understanding, well-being and health of others.

Choosing Your Career:

People with your personality type are attracted to occupations where you can help people learn new skills, improve their psychological well being and their physical health. Examples of such occupations are found in the fields of counseling, teaching, health sciences, psychology, arts and literature.

YOUR RESULTS  Additional Information

The first three leisure interest areas shown on the graph and described below are most important to you.



The Organizers



The Persuaders



The Thinkers

Correct: "The Organizers"

· Like to be involved in activities that follow set procedures and routines.

· Like to work with data and details, have clerical or numerical ability, and carry out tasks in great detail.

· Often described as being conforming, practical, careful, obedient, thrifty, efficient, orderly, conscientious, and persistent.

Eager: "The Persuaders"

· Like to influence others.

· Enjoy persuading others to see their point of view.

· Like to work with people and ideas, rather than things.

· Often described as being adventurous, energetic, optimistic, agreeable, extroverted, popular, sociable, self-confident, and ambitious.

Inquiring: "The Thinkers"

· Like to be involved in activities that have to do with ideas and thinking and search for facts and figure out problems mentally.

· Like to observe, learn, investigate, analyze, evaluate, or solve problems.

· Prefer working with ideas rather than with people or things.

· Often described as being analytical, curious, methodical, rational, cautious, independent, precise, reserved, complex, intellectual, and modest.

Sharing: "The Helpers"

· Enjoy helping and advising people.

· Tend to be concerned about peoples' welfare.

· Promote learning and personal development and are very interested in human relationships.

· Often described as being helpful, responsible, warm, cooperative, idealistic, sociable, tactful, friendly, kind, sympathetic, generous, patient, and understanding.

Aesthetic: "The Creators"

· Tend to be creative and intuitive.

· Enjoy activities like writing, painting, sculpturing, playing a musical instrument, performing, etc.

· Enjoy working in an unstructured environment where they can use their imagination and creativity.

· Often described as being: open, imaginative, original, intuitive, emotional, independent, idealistic, and unconventional.

Reality: "The Doers"

· Prefer hands-on activities, and tend to focus on things in the physical world.

· Enjoy working with tools or machines, and often gravitate to toward careers that can be performed outdoors.

· Often described as being frank, genuine, humble, practical, natural, and persistent