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The American constitution was founded upon biblical standards and concepts which have undoubtedly shaped the principles of liberty as established by the founders of the American co


The American constitution was founded upon biblical standards and concepts which have undoubtedly shaped the principles of liberty as established by the founders of the American constitution. These principles of liberty that make up the American constitution are drawn primarily from the Bible and more so the laws of Moses. As such, the scriptures provided have not only confirmed my views but further affirmed my view on how the criminal procedure should operate. It is my belief, as I have written at, that a single witness is not sufficient enough to prosecute an accused person in a criminal procedure and hence the need for two or more witnesses which is reiterated in Deuteronomy 19:15 "One witness is not enough to convict a man accused of any crime or offense he may have committed. A matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses."

Cross checking of evidence or the testimony of an individual is a critical and necessary process in the criminal procedure as it provides authenticity before the court of law. It is a fundamental process in discrediting fake witnesses in a criminal procedure which is further reaffirmed in Deuteronomy 19: 16-19 which dispels the notion of malicious witnesses. In my view physical evidence presents for a compelling corroboration against an accused and more so critical in dispelling any element of doubt or a lie in a criminal procedure which is reiterated in the scriptures. The biblical principles highlighted in the scriptures correlate with those found in the American constitution which requires the testimony of two or more witness in a criminal proceeding, presentation of physical evidence and also cross checking of witness testimony as integral to the criminal proceedings. That said, it is paramount to acknowledge that the American constitution aligns perfectly with the Biblical principles on criminal procedures as outlined by the laws of Moses and hence little to no change is required in its applicability.  


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Gender Inequality in Sports


Even if it's via voting, employment or even harassment, the globe has experienced its fair share of gender discrimination throughout its history. Gender disparity in sports has been a hot-button issue in recent years, raising more questions than ever before. On the field of play, women have been criticized for not being given the same status as males. We've seen several instances when women athletes have felt unappreciated, undervalued, and mistreated because of the amount of time and work they put into being the athletes they are today. This is why today's female athletes are working so hard to ensure that the future generation of female athletes does not have to go through what they did. Even as time goes on, it seems that solutions are being sought to address the problem of gender imbalance within sports and the resulting disparity in participation.

Women Athletes Pay

The pay gap between male and female athletes is widening. There is a compensation disparity between men and women in a variety of sports, according to Rosamond Hutt, a senior World Economic Forum writer. With reported earnings of over $88 million, including hefty sponsorship and endorsement agreements, Cristiano Ronaldo is the world's highest-paid athlete. Alex Morgan, the highest-paid female football player, earned roughly $2.8 million" in contrast" ( Hutt, 2016). In addition, he explains why women are paid less than males in the workplace. This scenario isn't going to change any time soon, as female athletes battle to be heard in a US$145billion-dollar worldwide market dominated by males," the research said (Biology assignment help, 2016). Due to the fact that women are underrepresented in the global sports sector, they are unlikely to see the same amount of money that males do for a long time. Specifically, the United States women's soccer team's World Cup victory and the Women's National Basketball Association vs. NBA comparison show that women athletes get paid much less than their male counterparts ( National Basketball Association).

History of Gender Inequality

There have been several instances of gender discrimination in sports throughout history. Adjunct professor Richard C. Bell, who teaches at Waldorf University, speaks about the trials varsity women athletes had to go on in the early phases of women being integrated to athletics. It was clear to women's physical education teachers that men's intercollegiate sports were under scrutiny. They were steadfast in their desire to preserve sports in an educational setting for women. The American Physical Education Association and the Committee on Women's Athletics promoted programs that encouraged women of all ages and backgrounds to participate in sports in the early 1900s. Amateurism in college sports was being abandoned or changed at the time of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching's 1929 study, American College Sports, which reported that universities were turning athletics into a large business. "Athletics should be returned to the boys," the study said. Many women's physical educators had these beliefs in mind when they convened to form a regulatory body for women's sports. the National Amateur Athletic Federation was created in the early 1920s to arrange an intercollegiate competition for women athletes ". ( Bell, 2016). In order to discourage women from doing something that only males had previously attempted, they had to ensure that the women's "sports" had no physical components in them.. Women's participation in sports has expanded considerably over the years, but the level of scrutiny and prejudice they face now is no different than it was in the early days of the sport's gender equality movement.

The Social Effect of Gender Inequality in Sports


A number of prominent politicians have addressed the issue of sports-related gender disparity. Politics of Gender (In)Equality in Sport and Development in a Sub-Saharan Context of Poverty was discussed in the work. Sports in South Africa are affected by gender inequality, according to a lecturer at the University of Johannesburg, Cora Burnett. The London Olympics in 2012 included a record number of female participants (44%, up from 24% in 1984) as a result of improvements made in the elite sport participation of women over the late modern period. There are persistent systemic cultural and sociopolitical obstacles that restrict the ability of most women to participate in competitive sport, which are not shown by a superficial pre-post (Games) contrast. Gender dynamics and power relations are not revealed by a comparison of the proportion of male and female members of the National Olympic Boards (83.4 percent men and 16.6 percentage of female members) or the International Sports Federations (82 percent male and 18 percent female members). (Burnett,2018). However, as stated in the quotation, women are now engaging in higher levels of elite sports. Despite this, they are still outnumbered by males since women are not exposed to as many competitive sports as men are. Due to a lack of possibilities for women to participate in international competitions in South Africa, males will always outnumber women in the realm of team activities for years and years to come.


Even while most people support eliminating all types of gender disparity in sports, there are others who worry that lifting limits, giving women the same salary as men, and eliminating all forms of gender prejudice may lead to a situation where we must deal with transgender athletes. It was recently reported that Congress is poised to pass a "Equality Act" that would have a devastating impact on women's sports. Richard and Helen DeVos Center Director Emilie Kao talks about the potential effect on women's sports of a bill that Congress is expected to enact. According to a report in the New York Times, the Congress was voting on a bill known as the Equality Act, which "would ban girl's and women's only sports." according to Duke professor Doriane Lambelet Coleman. Why? Because the 1964 Civil Rights Act would redefine sex as based on "self-perceived gender identity," rather than biological factors, as a result of the Equality Act" This year's Kao (2019). One of the most important things about this statute is that it finally allows transgender athletes to compete in the sports world in an environment that is free of controversy. This is providing women another reason to complain about the unfairness and injustice they feel since they are always being compared to other people and shown why they can be a specific sort of athlete rather than being regarded as an equal, according to some individuals. Most politicians are now debating whether or not they should even get engaged in this issue or leave it as it is so that at least women's complaints would not be as severe as they would be if the legislation were to be approved. Resolution: According to this, women athletes should be paid the same as men, not checked for things they can't control, such as testosterone and other aspects as well and not compared to their male counterparts at any time. People need to be more aware of the issues that women athletes throughout the globe have faced for a long time. Despite the fact that women entered the sports world later than males, they are still an important component of the sport's community. In light of this, ladies are entitled to all of the opportunities that a man would have on any given day since they confront the same challenges every day. Women in athletics are equally as valuable and skilled as men, and it is time that we stop treating them unfairly.