Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Different strains of violence possess many different traits. As a result, responses should be developed according to the strain identified. Compare how a behavioral intervention - Writingforyou

Different strains of violence possess many different traits. As a result, responses should be developed according to the strain identified. Compare how a behavioral intervention

 Please answer each question in complete paragraph. Do not repeat the questions. All answers should be followed by a reference    


Different strains of violence possess many different traits. As a result, responses should be developed according to the strain identified. Compare how a behavioral intervention team or security professional would respond to red flags for a potential sexual assault, vs. a potential suicide, vs. a potential hate crime


Interview 2 couples, one couple that are considered newlyweds and one couple that have been married for at least 10 years.  Ask each couple for what they feel are the most important elements of a successful marriage.  How are their answers similar and how are they different.  How do their responses compare to what we have learned through our readings on building a strong marriage foundation.


find, post a link, and summarize an example of how a hospitality organization is adding value to the guest experience in a unique way.


There are 5 regions that are generally recognized in the United States: Northeast, Southeast, West, Midwest, and Southwest. Choose a region you are interested in learning about, and make a post of a specific environmental concern for that region. This can be specific animal concerns, weather concerns, temperature concerns, etc.  Please put the concern of your choosing as the title of your post. For example: Northeast Animal Bites would begin the Northeast thread, and also discuss an animal bite specific to that region.

5 US Regions Map and Facts | Mappr

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The initial post does NOT have to have all of the answers. Use your resources and start the conversation. Continue the posts with SUPPORTED ideas or challenges we might face in these situations.


Name an organization that experienced a merger or acquisition (this is not the same as a restructure).  Make sure you have read the lesson for the week to understand the difference between mergers and acquisitions.  State whether it was a merger or an acquisition.  Do you think that particular merger or acquisition was necessary and successful?  Would you have done anything different if you were making the decision to merge or acquire the new company?   Did the merger or acquisition increase profits for the new organization or the parent organization?


Project managers need to understand technology for their industry and for the project management profession. Today, there are project managers that are responsible for space exploration. Listen to the above podcast and discuss why technology is important for project managers to succeed. A transcript is available at the end of this discussion.

Read below for more details on the podcast. What is great about this podcast is that you do not need to be in class to listen to it. You can also listen to this podcast episode on  APU Edge. Listen on your mobile device by searching for "APU Innovations in the Workplace" on your favorite podcast listening platform OR click here to find this episode on  Apple Podcasts Spotify , or  Google Podcasts .

Podcast: Space Exploration and Artificial Intelligence

Podcast featuring Dr. Wanda Curlee, Program Director, School of Business and Dr. Robert Gordon, Program Director, School of Business How is artificial intelligence supporting space exploration? In this episode, Dr. Wanda Curlee talks to Dr. Robert Gordon, the Program Director for Business at APU, about how SpaceX, NASA, and other organizations are using AI. Learn how artificial intelligence is being used to collect and process massive amounts of data, assist with rocket design and troubleshooting, calculate complex mathematics, support space logistics, pilot and monitor space flights, and much more.

Podcast transcript


Please read this article:


Choose one of the cases, or find a similar case online, and discuss the ethics involved.  Explain if the person posting on social media was feeling alienation or autonomy.  What would you have done in this situation and why?


This week, we studied psychological disorders Which disorder do you think would be the most challenging to have and why? Please chose only one. Which one of its symptoms would prove to be the most difficult for you? What might be some specific treatment options you could pursue to alleviate symptoms of your selected disorder?  What treatment approaches are supported by the research literature to treat this specific disorder?


A 21-year-old college senior named Daniel has been arrested by the police for possession of a small amount of marijuana while driving home from a college fraternity party. Assume that the police officer had probable cause to stop Daniel for drunk driving. During the search of Daniel's car incident to his arrest, the police found a stolen handgun registered to Robert Miller, a bag from Walmart containing small zip lock bags and a scale. He also had $2,500.00 in cash in the car.   

When the police confronted him with these items, Daniel said, "I need that scale to weigh my food as I start a diet plan on tomorrow. And, I have no idea where that gun came from. Maybe my friend left it in my car when he used it." The police officer then asked him, "why do you need so many small zip lock bags?". Daniel stated, "I run a profitable business and place my products in those bags to sale at school. I sell 'things', if you know what I mean, to help pay my tuition, and I have made $2,500.00 already! I am actually in school to become a pharmacist due to the fact that I love dealing drugs and want to be able to do so legally."  

Based on his statements about the items found, the police charged Daniel with intent to sell and distribute drugs (marijuana). At trial, his attorney made a motion to suppress the admission of the statements, arguing in relevant part that he made the statement without being given his Miranda rights. In response, the prosecutor argued that Daniel made statements voluntarily and not under duress.

you will answer as prosecutor.

How do you think that the judge will rule on this motion to suppress? Does it matter that he was already under arrest at the time of his statements?

Please use your acting skills and stay in your role as you answer these questions. Be sure to provide detailed answers based on the facts and supported by the current case law. Have fun! 


One of the most researched and supported therapeutic programs is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

Describe the strengths of CBT as a therapeutic approach in preparing prisoners for community reentry.  Should parole boards require polygraph evaluations as part of the decision to parole to ensure that the prisoners are being truthful in their therapy? Explain.


· Why is it important that each health care facility have written health information standards?

· What could be one negative outcome if the standards are not upheld?


Watch the Frontline PBS Special,  Being  Mortal.  Reflect on what you learned from watching the film. 

What did you find most interesting about Being Mortal?  Did your perspective towards end-of-life issues change? How can healthcare professionals better help patients navigate end-of-life issues?  


 You have been thinking about working with children as a Certified Child Life Specialist in a pediatric hospital setting. What actions, behaviors, or principles should you consider in preparing to work with this special population?


After reviewing this week's resources, and the following article titled " The Importance of Sports Entrepreneurship by Providing Appropriate Strategy Based on Views of Sport Managers", please complete the discussion by answering these questions:     •  Why do people study sport entrepreneurship?      •  What interests you most about sport entrepreneurship?      •  How will this course will help you?     •  What are some of the social impacts of sport entrepreneurs?


How is death beneficial and necessary to evolution, yet destructive to the individual


· What key elements do you think supports our ability to build an effective learning community (CO7)?

· Share your ideas, perspectives and thoughts. How can we use this platform to evolve as learners?


Conduct a little research on the internet and locate a recent crisis that affected businesses and organizations.  Summarize the crisis and source (link). Discuss key questions would you have advised a manager to investigate and answer in order to survive the crisis and sustain the organization.


Discuss the effects of China's One child policy in terms of the population age structure and the sustainability of the country. What effects were seen as a result of the policy? What policy changes were implemented later on?


What are the 4 main events that influence population size? Explain how each event affects the size of a population.