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Instructional Plan Graphic Organizer (IPGO) RED 4150

Each one of the reflections are about a paragraph to two MAX. I have attached a reflection I did for a previous IPGO. I have attached the IPGO as well as the reflection as a reference. 

Preferably, if you did my prior IPGO assignments you would be more suitable for this assignment. 

Instructional Plan Graphic Organizer (IPGO) RED 4150

Literacy Area

Strategy Name, Purpose/Connection, B.E.S.T. Standards, Objective Statement

Materials, Procedures, ESOL Modification, SPED Modification

Oral Language

(Look in “Communicating Orally”)

Strategy Name:


– Language Comprehension – Vocabulary and Language Structures (Students will use the lesson vocabulary of the items being used to create their own “oobleck” to explain the procedure to their classmates.)

B.E.S.T. Standards:

– ELA.1.C.2.1: Communicating Orally

– Present information orally using complete sentences and appropriate volume.

Objective Statement:

The students, after observing and creating their own slime in class, will be able to present orally to their class the steps and process taken to create their slime, with at least 75% accuracy.


– Book: “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” by Dr. Seuss

– Anchor Chart paper

– Plastic tablecloth

– Mixing bowls

– Green tempera paint

– Cornstarch

– Water


• Teacher will read aloud the book “Bartholomew and the Oobleck” by Dr. Seuss.

• Teacher will have whole-group discussions with the students on what “oobleck” is and if they have ever made something similar to that before. Guiding questions will be asked to make sure all students are participating.

• Once, the class has read the book they will return to their seats and follow the teacher’s instructions to make their own “oobleck”/slime sample.

• After creating their own slime, the teacher will lead a whole group discussion on procedures and the importance of delivery.

• The students will be given an opportunity to each, present their unique steps in making their slime and demonstrating to their peers their end result.

• While preparing their presentations, the teacher will provide guidance and support as needed.

• The students will then have an opportunity to demonstrate their oral language skills to present their procedures in their slime making process to the entire class.

ESOL Modifications:

– Will give student both written and oral directions of expectations for the assignment.

– Provide key word/chart resources.

SPED Modifications:

– Work collaboratively with another classmate and work together to prepare presentation. Student can present to teacher and other classmate; instead of to the entire class.


Eduardo Martinez

RED4150 – Content and Methods of Teaching Beginning Literacy

Dr. Obi Lawrence

September 10, 2023

W4-5.3 IPGO Reflection: Oral Language

Personally, after writing and studying this lesson plan and putting it into effect with students I would say this is a very fun activity, especially in the time of year in which I carried out the activity with the students in October. This activity brings the possibility of bringing together science into a lesson which oftentimes there is not enough time in the regular schedule for, this was definitely a lesson that could be used as 2-for-1 in a sense. This was a skill that I myself would not have considered to be something that I could assess a student on prior to this module, and I now get to see the importance of communication. This all ties back to the importance of children being able to communicate with oral language and how it should be practiced more.