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TCM 740 Seminar Paper Assignment 4

My seminar topic is impact of agile project management in non-profit organizations . The paper should be of 12 pages in length with references included in it. I've uploaded the a file with the requirements that are needed for the paper

TCM 740 Seminar Paper Assignment 4

Draft Paper

The paper must be double-spaced and 12-15 pages in length (excluding, the abstract, the title page, tables, figures, equations, and references). The draft paper must be about 80%-90% completed final paper. The structure of the paper should be:

Title Page (see APA) :

· The recommended length for a title is no more than 12 words.

· The APA manual has an example of a title page

Abstract (separate page, approximately half page) (see APA):

· Provide a brief overview of the topic and introduce why it is a challenging and important project management issue.

· Briefly discuss the content of your paper and the general conclusions you made from the results of the review.

Introduction (continues page, approximately 1-2 pages):

· Provide background information and details concerning this topic that convey the importance and challenges of the issue.

· Explain your reasoning for the methods (databases, search engines, etc.) you used to obtain literature.

· Explain your reasoning for the methods (statistical, graphical, qualitative, etc.) you used to analyze the results of the review.

Literature Review (continued page, approximately 4-6 pages):

· Provide a detailed review of the literature concerning the topic.

· When discussing literature, try to group similar concepts together and then compare them with papers approaching the issue differently (e.g., financial versus human resources).

· Include a variety of perspectives and viewpoints that thoroughly cover all aspects of the topic.

Analysis (continued page, approximately 5-6 pages):

· Evaluate how much is currently known about the topic based on your literature review.

· Discuss the quality of the literature found.

· Present and explain the findings.

· Evaluate the need and significance of new research.

Conclusions and Recommendations (continued page, approximately 2-3 pages):

· Provide insight and recommendations concerning the topic based on your literature review and analysis.

· Here often authors will identify areas for future research based on information discovered during the development of the paper.

References (see APA, at least 20):

· List all references using the parenthetical citing method.

· Every reference within the body of the paper must have a corresponding entry in the reference list at the end of the paper and vice versa.

I strongly suggest you have a friend read your draft before submission. Even if the person does not know project management, you will likely find their comments and suggestions valuable to you. The Writing Center at MSU would also help you to submit your draft to them (see Your draft paper must have the format, structure, length, and other components described above. It must also have correct grammar, and spelling, and must be written clearly and concisely with continuity in the presentation of your ideas.

I will return your revision (graded with feedback) as soon as I can. My feedback will include citing examples of where you made certain types of errors such as spelling, grammar, format, and structure. I will also include suggestions on how to rewrite parts of your paper to be clearer and more concise with better continuity. It will be your responsibility to find and correct other similar instances of these types of errors and opportunities for improvement that must be incorporated into your final paper. In other words, just because I don’t point out a mistake in your draft, it doesn’t mean it will be acceptable in the final paper.

Submission Instructions:

· A single document must be submitted in Microsoft Word via Blackboard.

· The paper must be 12-15 pages in length (excluding tables, figures, equations, and references).

· Include at least 20 references and use APA style (Please see the reference for APA:

· Use 12-point Times New Roman font in double-spaced sentences.

· Have all margins be 1 inch.

· Don’t justify the margins.