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Persuasive Recommendation Presentation Outline Assignment

Directions:Make sure you follow all directions. Your video should follow the content organization of your informative outline. Each presentation must be accompanied by a visual slideshow created by PowerPoint. The rule of thumb for slides is approximately one per minute of your presentation. Your slides should not appear behind you; rather, attach the file to the post along with your video. In addition, they will be also uploaded. Persuasive Video Assignment as a separate file. Upload your slides at the paperclip- make sure they are not in pdf mode.  Keep your slides simple with less text; do not write out your script/outline on your slides.

  • Speak for approximately 5-6 minutes- no longer than 6 (not less than 5) 


Persuasive Recommendation Presentation Outline Assignment

Audience: Your boss, the owner of the company, and your company’s advisory board.

Your Role: you have been charged with recommending a philanthropy for Global Mind; This oral presentation will summarize much, but not all of the information you provided in your recommendation report but will do so in a persuasive style.

Assignment: Develop a five-minute presentation recommending corporate philanthropy initiative you think would be best for Global Mind. Present the most relevant reasons supporting your recommendation. Anticipate concerns your boss and advisory board might have and address those concerns within your presentation. Presentation of the concerns further demonstrates the research completed and justifies the recommendation.

Your persuasive outline will provide the structure for your presentation:

(1) After your attention step, state your recommendation directly up front and state the reasons supporting that recommendation (just state them- no supports).

(2) provide the agenda for the presentation- list the topics you will cover

(3) present each reason and provide support (e.g., facts, illustrations, authoritative quotes)

(4) address any concerns that Global Mind should have with your recommendation and rebut those concerns

(5) end by restating the key points and motivating the team to accept your recommendation

Much of the research you used to write your Recommendation Report should be used for this assignment although you may want to add information. If you add information, include an in-text citation in the outline and a reference-list entry at the end of the outline.

Grading: See rubric.

Submission to Canvas : Save your file as a Word file, and name it your last name first.

Use the template provided below on the next page. Save it to your desktop and fill it in with the appropriate information. Be sure to eliminate all directions.


Recommendation Presentation Outline Name: (Your name)

General Purpose: To persuade ( complete this statement)

Specific Purpose: As a result of this presentation, my audience will [ complete this statement].

I. Introduction

A. Attention Step— Gain the audience’s attention from the moment you approach them (ex. a slide that shows your company’s name and its logo or a slide with a picture of your philanthropy at work) Make sure we know what GM does and the name of the chosen philanthropy. DELETE ALL DIRECTIONS



B. Introduce Yourself- Name and Position in the Company



C. Recommendation Statement— Explain how Global Mind will benefit from a sponsorship with this charity- in one persuasive statement. (Global Mind should partner with …………….. because…………………..)



D. Preview of Presentation

List your agenda items or headings (arguments and supports, concerns , responses, conclusion). Remember that this is merely a list of what you will be discussing.





II. Arguments and Supports

The arguments contain the reasons that justify your recommendation and the evidence

that supports those reasons. (DELETE ALL DIRECTIONS)

A. State the first reason supporting why Global Mind should chose partner with ……..

Create a simple phrase to express your first reason (Global Mind should partner with …….because……….

1. Provide evidence (facts, illustrations/examples, quotations).

a. information that supports 1. belongs here

b. information that supports 1. Belongs here

2. Provide evidence (facts, illustrations/examples, quotations)

B. State the second reason in support (try to say it in a simple phrase)

1. Provide evidence (facts, illustrations/examples, quotations).

2. Provide evidence (facts, illustrations/examples, quotations).

III. Concerns and Responses

A. State the strongest concern concerns Global Mind may have with your recommendation (must relate to costs in time, money).



B. Mitigate and debunk this concern.



C. State why your recommendation still remains the best choice for this company.


2 .

IV. Conclusion

A. Briefly restate your recommendation and reasons in support/ key points.

B. End with a memorable statement that motivates your audience to consider your recommendation. Your closing is as important as your opening. Be creative.

C. Don’t forget the Call to Action- Ask for Board Approval

V. APA Reference List (Alpha order -author’s last name first, etc. )

Start your reference list here. Be sure to use intext citations for any sources you used. Only items that are cited belong in this list.


1. Use only this template; follow the outline format; delete directions

2. Do not write out paragraphs or a script; one piece of information per line

3. Use phrases or short sentences (active tense)

4. Give credit to all sources; provide in text citations and restate on reference list

5. Use proper grammar avoid extra or vague words

6. Use persuasive language (Global Mind needs to ………… )

7. Attention Step and Memorable Close/take away are very important- do not overlook these items.

8. Your persuasive presentation does not require discussion of implementation models. You may add that information if you feel it will bolster your arguments.

9. Be sure to keep within the time frame.

10. Always remember you work for Global Mind and you were asked to find the best philanthropy for your for profit company. Why is this charity the best choice for GM?


Recommendation Presentation Outline Name: Anderson Kaye

General Purpose: To persuade the audience to approve Global Mind's partnership with Room to Read for philanthropic endeavors.

Specific Purpose: As a result of this presentation, my audience will understand the benefits of collaborating with Room to Read and be motivated to approve the partnership.

I. Introduction

(Room to Read, 2023).  Hi, I'm Anderson Kaye, Executive Assistant to Ms. Tahani Al-Jamil, owner of Global


Recommendation Statement— Global Mind should partner with Room to Read because of its alignment with our values and objectives, promoting literacy and gender equality in education (Global Minds, 2022).

Preview of Presentation

1. Reasons for partnering with Room to Read 2. Evidence supporting the recommendation 3. Addressing concerns and responses 4. Conclusion and call to action

II. Arguments and Supports A. First Reason: Alignment with Objectives The mission of Global Mind, which is to empower communities through education, is in line with Room to Read. Initiatives for comprehensive education. Direct involvement in the operational domains of Global Mind.

B. Second Reason: Successful Collaborations Examples from Google, Airbnb, and Microsoft partnering with Room to Read.

Google's $1.9 million in raised cash Airbnb's contribution feature (Kiflo, 2023).

Michelle Migdal
template not used

Michelle Migdal
what does GM do?

Michelle Migdal
like what? confusing broad statements

Michelle Migdal
where is your attention step?

Michelle Migdal
why is this the best choice for GM?

Michelle Migdal
outline format; no bullets or dashes

III. Concerns and Responses

A. Concern: Diversion of Resources

The involvement of Global Mind may take resources away from important goals. setting a cap on the amount that employee donations can be matched.

B. Mitigation and Response

Make that the goals and financial resources of the matching program are in line with tactical steps to maintain financial equilibrium.

C. Reinforcement of Recommendation

The advantages, including enhanced brand recognition and employee engagement, outweigh concerns (Leonard, 2023).

IV. Conclusion

A. Restate Recommendation and Key Points

Global Mind should partner with Room to Read for its positive impact on education and alignment with corporate values.

B. Memorable Closing

Emphasize the potential benefits for Global Mind's brand, reputation, and financial performance.

C. Call to Action

Request the Board's approval for the philanthropic collaboration.

APA Reference List

Global Minds. (2022, June 16). About. Kiflo. (2023, November 8). 5 examples of successful tech business partnerships in 2021. Partner Success Platform | Kiflo.

Leonard, K. (2023, May 23). 7 partnership advantages in 2023. Forbes Advisor. Room to Read. (2023). About Us. Home.

Michelle Migdal
like what? goals? are you concerned with costs?

Michelle Migdal
you need to state them here